Flight Crew – Pilot in Command (PIC)

Alan Brown, CEO and PIC of the company “An Aerial Perspective” – was educated in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town, matriculating in 1978 and headed off to sea, adventure awaited……. Or so he thought!

Afloat Far and Beyond

Serving as a Navigation Officer with Unicorn Shipping Lines, navigation training having been conducted at the South African Merchant Naval Academy General Botha between 1979 and 1983 however, after a few years of global travel the “romance” of going to sea became overshadowed by containerization and the vessels crew effectively became “taxi-drivers” with time in port/shore leave reduced to a minimum, the time had arrived for a career change – a life in uniform awaited…..

All Ladies Love a Uniform

Alan made the decision to follow in his father’s footsteps and joined the South African Navy in 1984

After basic training, Alan enrolled at the South African Naval College Gordon’s Bay to conduct Officers Training in preparation for serving as a Combat Officer on board ships. Having served at sea as a Naval Officer followed by the inevitable transfer ashore, Alan headed to the South African Navy Basic Training Unit of SAS Saldanha as a Divisional Officer until 1990 – with his now extensive marine related background a shore-based managerial position reared its head as the shore operations manager of one of the largest deep sea fishing fleets in South Africa – the lure of a normal life ashore was irresistible………. Time ashore passed and then:

Off to the Dessert

In 2010 an opportunity of a life-time caught Alan’s eye and off to the Middle East he went……. Once settled in the sandpit of Qatar, Alan made a concerted effort and studied for his NEBOSCH International General Certificate as well as the NEBOSCH International Oil and Gas Operation Certification and he spent the next 10years in the safety department of Qatar Petroleum as Incident Investigation Officer before being sent on retirement (mandatory at 60) in February 2020, chapter closed however the invaluable international experience gained will now be incorporated in Alan’s new aviation related ventures, the world of Drones!

An Aerial Perspective

Alan has taken an extremely keen interest in the ever-increasing Drone related opportunities that abound. A Drone, being an aircraft needs serious regulating and as such Alan has “paid his school fees” and duly become SACAA Certified by obtaining his RPL through one of the SACAA Certified Drone Flight Training Entities, the extremely professional company called Drone-X – Alan’s Company “An Aerial Perspective” will be launched forthwith…………..all legal and above board

What does An Aerial Perspective stand for?

As a long-standing resident of Mossel Bay/Dana Bay, having witnessed and still witnessing firsthand the boom in both the Commercial and Residential construction mushrooming in and around the area – coupled with the advent of The Drone Era I see a huge and mutually beneficial opportunity of providing the construction industry with a new perspective on projects…….. “An Aerial Perspective” – offering a SAFE, LEGAL and Cost Effective “view from above” on construction projects and progress visuals i.e. Erf aerial overview during the initial planning phase of a project, solar panel inspections, painting/weather coatings, roof inspections and general building contractor before, during and after progress photographs which would be of value to Project Managers, Property Owners, Investors and Statutory Inspection Services etc

As the “An Aerial Perspective” company Owner/Pilot in Command (PIC) I commit to the following Values:


Company Ethics and Honesty are of the utmost importance regarding our operations. An Open Door Policy and Company Transparency are high on our values priority list when interacting with our clients/prospective clientele as well as the respective Authorities during all phases of our operations. Service Excellence, Professionalism and Statutory Regulatory Compliance are the foundation upon which I believe will build long-lasting and trustworthy relationships between “An Aerial Perspective” and ALL Interested and Affected Parties.


Drones, in general, are becoming a nightmare for the Aviation Sector – when one purchases a drone, the new owner is non-the-wiser to ALL the rules and regulations governing Drones in general. Drones are effective “an aircraft” and thus need to be controlled and policed as per Civil Aviation Rules and Regulations. Further to this and in order to be able to benefit commercially from drone operations, a valid South African Civil Aviation Authority Drone Commercial Pilot’s License (an RPL), along with a valid Class #3 Aviation Medical Certificate are amongst the prerequisites to the commencement of such commercial drone operations.

As the Owner off and the PIC of “An Aerial Perspective” I hereby commit to keeping the above mention valid and readily available “ONSITE” for perusal by the relevant Authorities as well as Company Management alike for the Peace of Mind that flight operations are being conducted by a SACAA Certified Pilot and that our valued clientele will not open themselves up to potential legal implications by hiring non-certified entities to conduct aerial work for and on behalf of “The Company” whoever they may be.


As a NEBOSH Qualified Safety Professional and having spent many years in the International Oil and Gas Industry, I see SAFETY as the priority of ALL persons in and around our flying operations. I shall commit, to the best of my ability, to an incident-free, secure, safe and healthy environment in all areas of our flying operations by adhering to statutory SACAA Operational requirements directed at both Drone Operations and Drone Operators alike.


As the PIC (Pilot in Command) I am continually striving for greater performance, efficiency and productivity as well as being accountable for the quality and the effectiveness of the deliverables. An open-door policy invites new ideas and initiatives; constructive criticism is seen as a learning curve for both our successes and mistakes.

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