Site Imaging – Our Version as Drone Pilots

By this, we mean everything that a project manager, corporate or owner builder, possibly could need to safely and effectively plan and manage all aspects of a project. This might include, but are certainly not limited to the following examples.

  • Site Layout
  • Access Planning
  • Construction Progress
  • Inspections 
  • Payment milestones
  • Insurance Claims
  • Wind Turbine Inspections
  • Solar Panels
  • and more…

Safety on the worksite

For a project of any type, or size, the biggest problem is safety.

As any project manager knows all too well, being able to keep a finger on the pulse and eliminate the hazards and safety concerns associated with “Working at Height”, at times requires huge logistical and financial investment in order to obtain Project Progress Overviews/Updates/Inspections etc.

Enter The Drone

With the advancements made in drone technology, drones have become a tool of choice in project management.

A qualified and experienced drone pilot's ability to safely access any point of interest and provide reports in photographic or video format is cheap and efficient while at the same time greatly increases the safety aspect by minimising the hazards and risks usually associated with inspections carried out at, for example, huge heights or dangerous situations where sending in a qualified inspector would be deemed too risky.

Second, to that, having access to and being able to get the latest or specific aerial perspective of a construction site is invaluable to all stages of planning and progress.

Site Layout

Site layout looks good whilst being discussed and portrayed as an overlay on a municipal plan – now being able to elevate thus obtaining an aerial perspective for a realistic overview of the site, producing photographic evidence of potential obstructions/hindrances etc that would need to be overcome in order to achieve an operationally acceptable Site Layout – once again, enter the drone

Access Planning

Access Planning is important as far as the ease and practicality of traffic flow is concerned however from a safety point of view, egress for site evacuation should overshadow the access and once again with an aerial overview this all-important access/egress planning can be strategically conducted assuring management peace of mind from a safety, as well as practical, point of view 

Construction Progress

Regular drone flights across a project life-span are extremely helpful in keeping track of progress. Keeping one's finger on the pulse is vitally important for all project managers - now what better way than having the project progress displayed pictorially daily/weekly etc for all and sundry to see, visual evidence of progress, or the lack there-of, for the morning meetings, toolbox talks preparing for the day ahead, management meetings etc – a picture speaks a thousand words. It saves huge amounts of time compared to on-foot assessments.


The all-important and ongoing inspections, safety or otherwise, especially inspections “at height” no longer needs to be a project manager/safety managers nightmare – the authority requiring the inspection can stand right next to the drone pilot to guide him and thus being able to pin-point the areas requiring photographic/video evidence of inspection for later discussion with all interested and affected parties…… no hassle, no fuss – the marvels of utilising a drone 

Payment Milestones

The financing of many projects works on the Progress Payment Scheme, basically no progress then no payment! Nowadays with available Drone Footage, all parties are covered. Progress Payment invoicing can now be justified with pictures of daily/weekly/monthly progress however in the same breath, the lack of progress shall also be evident thus protecting the project investor from unsubstantiated progress invoicing, a win-win situation for all

Insurance Claims

Insurance companies can, at times, be inundated with insurance-related claims some justifiable and others not – why not be a step ahead and provide an aerial perspective/overview of the “site” in question, offer drone aerial capabilities to both the claimant to justify their damages/claims as well as to the Insurance Assessor for him/her to eliminate all hazards/risks when needing to inspect and evaluate structural/roof/at height damages….. enter the drone 

Solar Panels

Over and above the monitoring of Solar Panel Installation and the progress there-off, using drones to assess the condition/damage to solar panels as and when required is advantageous from an accessibility and risk mitigation point of view by avoiding having to work at height.


A proactive inspection of buildings and gutters, or assessing potential damage after bad weather is safer, quicker and easier with our drones.

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